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6 Reasons To Use Recycled Plastic Park & Furniture Products

Reasons to use recycled plastic park and furniture products

Plastic is one of the greatest and worst invention of mankind. Plastic is usually made by combining oil, natural gas, or coal with other different chemicals and then hardening it into a synthetic form. Plastic has become one of the most popularly used materials in the entire world. From bottles to furniture and even computer parts, plastic has taken over the entire industry due to the fact that it is cheap and easy to mass-produce.
Plastic has earned a lot of reputation for being one of the world’s biggest offenders: polluters of the land, and the sea. Even though it has this much bad reputation, people are still trying to use it.
Many companies have devised a tactic that will allow them to use less plastic than before, and make an even greater profit still. This tactic is called recycling.

If you are a construction worker or a planner or maybe even just a home owner, you might have heard of plastic furniture or park products. Here are some of the reasons why you want to invest your time and money in recycled plastic park and furniture products:

They are cheaper

Recycled plastic is cheaper than normal plastic. This is because that recycled plastic was technically bought by someone else. Someone else paid for all the money spent and invested in converting the raw materials into the previous product. You are only paying for the effort that was required to convert that previous product into your current product.

Park products are usually very expensive. You will have to potentially pay a lot of money if you are looking to find for yourself a good attractive park.

But recycled park products are way cheaper. You will probably be able to save most of your money and then a little more, by using recycled park products.

Similar is the case with furniture products. According to PepsiCo, you can convert a 100 of their bottles into a single functioning plastic chair. Imagine how many plastic bottles you buy each year.

You are doing your part in saving the environment

If you are buying recycled plastic, you are doing your part in saving the environment. The whole process of making plastic from scrap has a heavy toll on the Earth’s atmosphere and natural resources. As mentioned earlier, plastic is made from natural gas, coal or oil. These are all limited natural resources that are already on the verge of running out.

Plus, companies that convert these raw materials into a processed synthetic form of plastic emit a lot of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere.

This CO2 that is in the atmosphere is toxic for everyone living nearby. By reducing the workload of these companies, you are ensuring that lesser CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere. You will play a part in both helping everyone breathe easily, and helping the ozone layer recover. A healthier ozone layer means that the world will be protected from dangerous UV rays that cause cancer.

You are saving energy

As the world slowly approaches an imminent energy crisis, it has become an even more important job that we work towards a future where energy is no longer our primary concern. Solar energy is a good step towards that future, but it still isn’t enough.
We are still using a lot of our natural resources to power big companies. Some of these companies work on producing plastic.
By recycling this plastic, you are saving up to 66% of the energy it would originally take to make another of their product. Another research shows that producing aluminum from recycled cans costs 95% less energy than from scratch. That is a lot of energy saving, isn’t it?

Aluminum is used in a lot of things like cans (canned goods and soda), preserving food (Aluminum foil) and so on.

You are saving precious land space

Overpopulation is another of the world’s biggest crisis right now. Humanity as a whole is expanding faster and more diverse than ever in the history of mankind.
What this means is that we are running out of land to make buildings to live in. By completely recycling one ton of plastic, you are saving 7.4 cubic yards of space. You could probably use that space to make a small apartment.

This will also mean that the dumps in your city will become smaller and less smelly than ever before.

You are saving animals

By buying recycled furniture, you are also potentially saving animals. There are certain types of plastic furniture and park products that use leather to cover their bodies. When you are recycling that plastic, the leather also gets used in another product. This makes it harder for hunters to get a good price on their hunts. What this will eventually lead to is, less and less people trying to hunt wild animals to make leather products.
You will be doing your part in saving the animal kingdom from going extinct!

Cheap alternative to Wood

Plastic is a very cheap alternative to wood, and with the current advancements in technology, it has become even more easy to make strong plastic that can take on as much beating as wood. Heck, there are some plastics that are as hard as iron too!

Plus, since plastic is cheap, it is becoming more popular as the main material to be used in furniture of today.

You can’t recycle wood very well. You can’t melt it and then remake it into a better shape. But you can do that with plastic. By doing so, you are actually saving a lot from your wallet.
By recycling your broken plastic chair or other pieces of furniture that is present in your parks, you are actually to notice a very low deviation on a year/price loss graph. You will definitely not regret the decision of choosing plastic in the long run.


If these points have helped you find why you should use recycled plastic part and furniture products: this is great news. You will not regret that decision.

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