About Us

Our Vision

Fundamentally change the way you think about outdoor furniture.

We have a Sustainable vision to avoid landfill and so we choose our raw materials carefully. We believe in the power of circularity – reuse, remake, recycle – and so our waste is minimal.

We demonstrate our culture of kind ethos, which means our customer service is impeccable and our goal is to make humankind kinder to our environment through better product choices and education.

We aim to reduce the footprint of the products placed in our outdoor spaces, we will minimise the logistic footprint of the products we manufacture as much as possible and ensure that Australia becomes a place where onshoring of manufacturing facilities is expected, not rare.

We try to source as much of our raw materials from Australia as possible and from reliably sustainable sources. The HDPE plastic wood board we choose is manufactured out of soft plastics that would otherwise end up in landfill.

If you are looking for a sustainable, cost effective, long lasting, great looking outdoor furniture solution – talk to us.

Park Furniture Australia is a Queensland based manufacturer of outdoor furniture. We proudly only use recycled materials to manufacture our products making our range the largest environmentally friendly outdoor furniture range in Queensland.

About Us

Key Personnel

Craig Nicholson
General Manager

Qualified Engineer and mechanical fitter and machinist Craig, brings an understanding of quality product development and manufacturing to the table. With a strong interest in sustainability & operational culture and with 20+ years in leading teams through a process of continuous improvement, Craig uses his operational excellence to drive Park Furniture to success.

Scott Pattison
Senior Account Manager

Bringing 20+ years of senior BDM and relationship management skills to the table, Scott Pattison is the driving force behind the Park Furniture product range and the Australian operations team. With a passion for the great outdoors and a genuine interest in sustainability, Scott is working to ensure that Park Furniture becomes a well known Australian supplier of recycled outdoor furniture.


We have a manufacturing facility based in Capalaba in South East QLD. All of our orders are
shipped from this facility.
We have a variety of tools and equipment to help us to manufacture our products including:

  • Welding equipment
  • Metal cutting equipment
  • Pillar Drill
  • Bench Saw
  • Range of high impact power tools
  • Workbenches
  • Packaging Area
  • Sufficient racking to suit stock
  • Small forklift

Our team of technicians will ensure that the product is packaged well, easy to assemble and
comes with all the correct fixings

Our Policy


Did you know that 12,500 plastic packages are kept out of landfill and turned into 50kgs of Park Furniture Australia outdoor furniture products? It is our mission to:

✓ Provide recycled eco-sustainable products that have been re-used and diverted from landfill.
✓ Minimise waste production and maximise the amount reused and recycled.
✓ Considering environmental aspects in the procurement of products and services and evaluate suppliers.
✓ Minimise the consumption of energy in construction and services.
✓ Actively promote eco-sustainable awareness among staff, clients, customers, and general public.

Park Furniture Australia are proud to actively work towards meeting these sustainable development goals as laid out by the United Nations.


We have excellent procedures at Park Furniture Australia. Our commitment to adhering to the safety means that our team follows a tight set of rules for managing a safe workplace.

Our onboarding process includes WHS and emergency procedures ensure that every staff member knows what to do in the event of an emergency and also have procedures to keep them safe in the workplace.

Our track record of incidents and accidents at Park Furniture Australia sits at zero, we are very safety focused.

Our Guarantee


Customer Support has a 48 hour response time. We can help with install advice, maintenance advice and answer any questions you may have about our products.
Our friendly Customer support team can be contacted via email, service@parkfurnitureaustralia.com.au or phone 1800 968 124.

If you require spare parts for your product, we are more than happy to provide.


Park Furniture Australia’s warranty is for 4 years from the date of delivery. The Warranty will be honoured based on the following criteria:

✓ The product(s) were purchased directly from Park Furniture Australia
✓ The product(s) have been maintained according to the applicable product specifications and furniture care document(s)
✓ The product(s) have been installed according to the product installation guide
✓ The claim is made by the original purchasing entity stated on the Park Furniture Australia tax invoice
✓ The claim is made within the 4-year warranty period
✓ The claim is made in writing to Park Furniture Australia who will respond and advise the process that will be taken to review and rectify the defect