Gold Coast Dog Agility Parks

PROJECT: Custom dog agility course fabrication & installation CLIENT: Gold Coast City CouncilSCOPE OF WORKS: Design, fabricate and install three custom ECOPLASWOOD dog agility courses

Park Furniture Australia (PFA) is delighted to showcase our recent collaboration with Gold Coast City Council to develop multiple state-of-the-art Dog Agility Parks. This project represents our commitment to creating sustainable, community-focused outdoor spaces that promote health, happiness, and environmental stewardship.

The primary objectives of the Dog Agility Park project were:

  1. To provide a fun, engaging, and safe space for dogs to exercise and play.
  2. To foster a sense of community among local dog owners.
  3. To utilise environmentally friendly materials, aligning with Gold Coast City Council’s sustainability initiatives.

The resulting park designs in Reedy Creek, Ashmore & Parkwood were meticulously designed to cater to dogs of all sizes and skill levels, from seasoned agility champs to those simply having a play. The agility equipment includes a variety of obstacles, ramps, and platforms that provide endless opportunities for dogs to run, jump, and weave.

One of the standout features of this project is the use of Australian recycled plastic in all the agility furniture through our ECOPLASWOOD material. This material choice reflects our commitment to durability and environmental sustainability. Recycled plastic not only withstands the rigours of outdoor use and active play but also contributes to reducing our carbon footprint, making the park a green initiative.

This project stands as a testament to PFA’s and Gold Coast City Council’s commitment to sustainability. By choosing recycled plastic for the agility equipment, we have significantly reduced the environmental impact of the project. This initiative aligns with broader environmental goals and sets a standard for future community projects. The materials used are robust and weather-resistant, ensuring the park remains safe and enjoyable for years to come.

With sustainability at the forefront of this project, PFA partnered with Little Rippers to install their innovative dog poo bag dispensers at the parks. The Little Rippers dispensers represent a sustainable solution for managing dog waste, contributing to the cleanliness and maintenance of the park. Designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment, these dispensers are made from recyclable materials and are designed with durability in mind. From specialised UV-stabilised materials to their integrated roll-breaking system, these dispensers are specially designed to support eco-friendly practices. PFA is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Little Rippers in Queensland.

The Dog Agility parks have quickly become a beloved destination for dog owners living in Reedy Creek, Ashmore & Parkwood. They offer a safe and fun environment for dogs to exercise, which is crucial for their physical and mental health. Additionally, the parks have become a social hub where dog owners can meet, share experiences, and build friendships. The inclusion of Little Rippers dispensers further enhances the park’s functionality and cleanliness, making it a pleasant and well-maintained space for everyone.

Gold Coast City Council has expressed their satisfaction with the project, noting the positive feedback from the community and the park’s success in promoting a safe environment for dogs to exercise and the community to gather backed by sustainable practices. They noted that using recycled plastic in the equipment is a brilliant example of how we can create environmentally friendly and durable public spaces. The addition of Little Rippers dispensers ensures that the park remains clean and eco-friendly, providing a valuable resource for the community. Local residents have embraced the parks, and they have quickly become a community favourite.

If you’re looking to enhance your public outdoor spaces, check out our recent case studies and explore our range of sustainable outdoor furniture. Let’s work together to create more spaces that benefit both our communities and our planet.