Over 50’s Retirement Village

PROJECT: Aluminium outdoor seating fabrication & installation for Lifestyle VillageCLIENT: Active Lifestyle Village in SEQSCOPE OF WORKS: Supply and installation of custom Aluminium outdoor furniture

A leading over-50’s retirement village in South East Queensland approached Park Furniture Australia to manufacture, supply and install custom outdoor furniture to be used in their new outdoor recreational area. The client’s brief was a specific request for custom outdoor furniture based on drawings provided by an architect.

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The client for this project, one of Australia’s largest active lifestyle village developers, provided detailed drawings and specifications for the required outdoor furniture pieces from an architect’s designs. They were seeking quality workmanship and durable outdoor furniture. Park Furniture Australia was chosen to fulfil their custom request for Aluminium outdoor furniture. We were happy to help this community enhance their outdoor recreational space with visually appealing, durable Aluminium outdoor furniture pieces.

Park Furniture Australia manufactured and installed a range of Aluminium outdoor furniture pieces, including our Aluminium Lawrence park seats and custom-built U-shaped benches designed to meet the client’s vision and specifications. In a community of retirees, comfort, versatility, and safety were our key goals when manufacturing this range of Aluminium outdoor seating. We wanted to ensure the residents would be comfortable and safe so they can enjoy their relaxation and recreational activities in the gardens.

Aluminium plays a crucial role in outdoor furniture and is a choice material at Park Furniture Australia due to its durable and sustainable qualities. As a green metal, aluminium is highly recyclable, and all our aluminium benches, aluminium seats, and aluminium outdoor settings are manufactured from recycled aluminium. Recycling aluminium saves energy, time, money, and natural resources while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Aluminium is also extremely durable as it is corrosion resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use, ensuring longevity and low maintenance for outdoor furniture. These qualities made Aluminium the perfect material for this outdoor recreational area.

The project was very successful, with the client expressing their utmost gratitude and satisfaction to Park Furniture Australia. The onsite supervisor mentioned they had experienced issues with furniture purchased from a competitor in the past and was happy the PFA team could provide quality workmanship for their residents to enjoy. The residents of the village also expressed their appreciation of the quality and design of the new Aluminium outdoor seating options.