centenary hotel - outdoor furniture, outdoor setting

Centenary Hotel & Avenues Tavern Townsville

PROJECT: Outdoor venue outdoor setting fabrication & installation CLIENT: Centenary Hotel & Avenues TavernSCOPE OF WORKS: Fabricate and deliver a series of 27 outdoor settings

The client in this project were two venues in the Townsville area, the Centenary Hotel and Avenues Tavern, who approached Park Furniture Australia requesting unique outdoor seating solutions. These venues sought outdoor seating solutions that would meet the needs of their outdoor ‘beer garden’ areas. To suit this high-patronage environment, Park Furniture Australia knew our clients needed a robust, durable and saleable outdoor seating design that could comfortably accommodate patrons in an outdoor environment. Highly durable, sturdy, transportable outdoor furniture was essential within a hotel and tavern environment.

In response to this brief, the Park Furniture team designed a tailored outdoor furniture solution that would fulfil this client’s and their venues’ stylistic and performance requirements. This outdoor seating design featured a series of custom outdoor settings in our premium Fort Lytton design fit with umbrella holes to provide shade and protection from the elements.

The robust design of our Fort Lytton outdoor setting features ECOPLASWOOD, our own patented material made from recycled plastic, which helps our products maintain their robust, maintenance-free, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing qualities throughout the product’s life.

Over the span of only a month, the Park Furniture team meticulously manufactured 27 ECOPLASWOOD outdoor picnic settings in our Capalaba workshop. Our production team’s hard work and dedication saw our clients’ orders fulfilled promptly and to a high standard.

Upon fabrication completion, the Park Furniture Australia team handled the logistics seamlessly, delivering, assembling and installing all outdoor furniture products on-site at both the Centenary Hotel and Avenues Tavern locations. Our team also sourced and installed premium commercial umbrellas to fit each outdoor setting to provide shade and protection from the elements.

The project was a resounding success, meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations. The Centenary Hotel and Avenues Tavern in Townsville now boast durable, environmentally friendly, and visually appealing outdoor settings that enhance the overall experience for their patrons.