Commercial Sector

Park Furniture Australia is a Queensland based manufacturer of quality sustainable outdoor furniture for office buildings, restaurants, hotel and residential building landscaping and other commercial properties across Australia. 

Commercial Outdoor Seating.

At Park Furniture Australia, we partner with businesses in the commercial sector to provide high-quality outdoor furniture and landscaping solutions that enhance the comfort and appeal of their outdoor spaces. Our outdoor and street furniture are carefully selected and designed to suit the needs of hotels, apartment buildings, offices, restaurants and other commercial properties.

We manufacture and supply high-quality park furniture and street furniture for various commercial outdoor spaces, including park seats, park benches, picnic tables, bollards and bin enclosures in both sustainable ECOPLASWOOD and Aluminium designs.

We understand the importance of durability, low maintenance and sustainability in the commercial sector and have prioritised providing furniture solutions that meet these requirements. Our outdoor furniture range is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and resist graffiti and insect damage, ensuring long-lasting and low-maintenance solutions for our clients. We offer a variety of sizes, colours and designs to meet specific project requirements and enhance the appeal of outdoor spaces.

We are committed to sustainability and believe that using recycled and reconstituted plastic as the raw material for our outdoor furniture products is the best option in the market. Our eco-friendly approach to manufacturing ensures that our products are 100% sustainable and help businesses reduce their environmental impact while providing comfortable and functional outdoor furniture solutions.

Whether it’s a hotel pool area, restaurant patio, apartment building courtyard or office landscaping, Park Furniture Australia has the expertise and experience to design and manufacture customised outdoor furniture solutions that meet the unique needs of the commercial sector.

Browse some of our Aluminium and ECOPLASWOOD outdoor furniture, which are favoured by commercial properties in Australia.