Education Sector

Park Furniture Australia, a proud partner of Education Australia, is a Queensland based manufacturer of quality sustainable outdoor furniture for public spaces, educational institutions, schools, universities and tertiary education colleges across Australia. 

School Outdoor Seating.

Park Furniture Australia is a proud partner with Education Australia as one of their preferred suppliers for schools, universities and educational institutions across Australia. 

At Park Furniture Australia we are committed to offering the best outdoor seating, tables, benches and bins for schools and educational institutions across Australia with our outdoor furniture range. Park Furniture Australia specialises in school outdoor seating and produces outdoor furniture that is perfect for preschools, primary schools, high schools, universities and colleges.

Preschool, primary school and high school students are all able to experience the benefits of fresh air and comfort outdoors with our specially crafted outdoor settings and park benches. Some of our most popular product lines featured in schools include outdoor tables and chairs, bench seating and bin enclosures.

All of our outdoor school furniture is of the highest calibre, extremely durable, requires little upkeep, and is offered in a variety of sizes and designs to meet your school’s requirements. Safety is one of our top priorities and our outdoor range offers a robust, low-maintenance, sustainable outdoor furniture solution.

At Park Furniture Australia we have made it our mission to design and manufacture stunning park furniture that is durable, graffiti-proof, insect-resistant, comfortable and 100% sustainableWe truly believe that choosing recycled and reconstituted plastic bags as the raw material for our outdoor furniture products are the very best option we have in this market.

Browse some of our Aluminium and ECOPLASWOOD outdoor furniture which are favoured by schools across Australia.