Government Sector

Park Furniture Australia is a Queensland based manufacturer of quality sustainable furniture. We supply Government bodies with outdoor furniture for public spaces, parks, picnic areas, street furniture and outdoor spaces across Australia. 

Public Outdoor Seating.

At Park Furniture Australia, we collaborate closely with councils and local government on landscaping projects across Australia to create customised and innovative landscaping plans which feature our outdoor furniture range. We provide park infrastructure and furniture solutions designed to provide comfort to local communities while enhancing the surrounding environment.

Our range of high-quality park furniture and street furniture is perfect for park settings, including park benches, park seats, oputdoor settings, bollards and bin enclosures. Our entire outdoor furniture range is high-quality, extremely durable, low maintenance, and is offered in a variety of sizes and designs to meet your requirements. Durability is one of our top priorities and our outdoor range offers a robust, low-maintenance outdoor furniture solution. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, our ECOPLASWOOD range, made from recycled plastics, provides a maintenance free, environmentally friendly solution with unique properties such as stain, rot and warp resistance and graffiti proofing.

Whether it’s a park, picnic area or other outdoor space, Park Furniture Australia offers comfortable, sustainable outdoor furniture solutions which are designed and manufactured for longevity.

Our vision is to make beautiful outdoor furniture out of truly sustainably sourced raw materials. We all know that the soft plastic and plastic waste problem are monumental and we all know that plastic can be quite easily recycled into useful hardy products. This is why we choose to manufacture our timber slat-look products out of what we call ECOPLASWOOD, a recycled HDPE plastic that is literally saving all kinds of plastic from being thrown into landfill.

80% of the furniture we manufacture is made from ECOPLASWOOD. Sustainable, robust, maintenance free, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Park furniture solutions are designed in Australia for Australian conditions that won’t split, warp, crack, craze, or discolour.

Browse some of our Aluminium and ECOPLASWOOD outdoor furniture which are utilised in Government-funded public spaces across Australia.