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How Recycled Plastic Products Can Benefit Our Environment

How recycled plastic products can benefit our environment

If you have been reading up on the news, you will find out that the great forest of Amazon is currently suffering from a great fire, and that is going to hurt our mother Earth a lot.

The world is in great peril. The planet Earth is losing its natural resources faster than it can recover, and no one is trying to do anything about that.

The worst perpetrator of all that is used on a common basis by all human beings is plastic. Plastic is really dangerous if it burns: it hurts and destroys the ozone layer. Plastic is dangerous if it is dumped into water: fishes eat plastic and ultimately suffocate to death. Plastic is usually made from petroleum, which is already a limited resource on Earth.

A relatively nicer way to reduce the effect of plastic onto the Earth is to recycle it instead of throwing it away. For example, plastic bottles. Here are some of the ways recycled plastic products can benefit our environment:

Plastic doesn’t rot

One of the worst, and maybe the most redeeming, point about plastic is the fact that it doesn’t rot.
If you throw plastic out in the open, it will not rot and will stay there for as long as humanity exists. This is one of the worst flaws of plastic. But if you think about it from another perspective, you will find that it is one of the best features of plastic too.

Because it doesn’t rot, you can recycle it for different purposes. Plastic bottles can be re-used for years on end, without having to replace them. And after they have expired, you can give them away to companies that will convert the plastic in that plastic bottle into more useful items like credit cards and so on.

Plastic doesn’t need to be painted again

A nice point about plastic is that you can literally paint the insides of the plastic with a certain color and it won’t fade away after it is made. The plastic’s color will last many years, and will not leak potentially dangerous oil or paint. This means that plastic can be used to make sculptures of the future instead of granite or other rocks and then using dangerous oil on them that wish eventually wash away and affect the water streams of the area.

Plastic furniture

Whatever kind of plastic you may have, it can be recycled by being crushed and then made a new into another shape. This means that you can probably convert dozens of bottles in your home into a neat plastic chair, or even a table!

Plastic utensils are becoming a very popular thing nowadays. Instead of throwing away these utensils after they are broken, you can usually give them away to plastic recycling companies and they can safely convert these into potential other items that can be used in many different households.

You will also potentially be saving a lot of someone else’s money, because recycled goods are usually cheaper than things made from scratch.

Plastic lumber

In the modern society, wood lumber is becoming more and more obscure, and other materials are steadily taking its place. Large buildings are made from steel girders and use steel lumbers to support the construction.
But small homes and apartments are now being made from plastic lumber. This lumber can be made from any piece of plastic. Hence, it is a great way to use the plastic that you are going to throw away anyway.

Recycling requires less power

The whole process of recycling requires way less power than actually making another material from scratch. On a general scale, the amount of power you save by recycling any substance can be up to 66%! That is a lot of power. And since many of our sources for making energy are limited sources like petroleum, atomic energy, or biodegradable fuels, we are potentially saving on using them too!

According to a certain research, the amount of energy we are saving by recycling one ton of plastic is 1000 gallons of gasoline!

Recycling saves space

Whenever you recycle around a ton of plastic, you are saving 7.4 cubic yards of space. Instead of dumping 7.4 cubic yards of plastic in a dump, you could probably recycle most of it and use it for various other purposes. This will eventually make dumps cheaper for your trash disposal purposes too. Plus, companies won’t have to go through the whole process of manufacturing a plastic based product and then throwing the waste by-product of that item into a dump. You are saving a lot more space by recycling, than you might know.

Recycling = cleaner atmosphere

This might sound like a little too far-fetched, but it is true. By recycling plastic, you are saving about 66% of energy consumption of plastic-making factories. The main by-product of these heat-based plastic factories is fumes and smoke. By reducing the overall jobs of the company, they will have to produce less plastic, and thus won’t hurt the environment as much.
Since the main content of fumes and smoke is Carbon Dioxide, by reducing the amount of CO2 in the air, you are making it easier for all life on Earth to breathe much more easily.

Much better wildlife expectancy

Believe it or not, some animals do eat plastic that has been dumped in the wild. Plastic is usually a very toxic compound that can cause many diseases, as well as the more popular suffocation that is happening all over the world. Aquatic life, like sharks and whales accidentally eat plastic bags thinking they are jellyfish and are dying at a very fast pace.

If we were to reduce the amount of plastic we dump into the environment, we would be increasing the overall life expectancy of wild animals. We would also make it easier for animals to not go extinct, because of the damage we have done to the environment.

Think of it like this: recycling plastic saves lives!

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