Little Rippers

PFA: Exclusive Distributor in Queensland 

Park Furniture Australia proudly serves as an exclusive distributor of Little Rippers’ in Queensland. These dog bag dispensers are designed to foster cleaner, smarter communities through efficient and sustainable waste management solutions.  

Our commitment to quality and sustainability aligns perfectly with Little Rippers’ innovative dog waste management solutions. Little Rippers’ range of products can benefit your council or community; contact us today to learn more about the advantages of Little Rippers dispensers. 

Advanced Dog Bag Dispensers for Cleaner Communities 

Little Ripper’s dispensers incorporate advanced technology to help councils effortlessly maintain pristine public spaces. These dispensers feature smart low-bag alerts to ensure they are always stocked, keeping dog owners satisfied and reducing public complaints. The real-time monitoring feature significantly reduces the need for manual checks, allowing council workers to allocate their time to other essential duties. Unlike traditional dispensers, Little Rippers eliminates the need for frequent manual checks through a live tracking portal that provides real-time data on bag levels. This enables councils to manage their dispensers more efficiently and save valuable time and resources.

Built to withstand heat, Little Ripper’s dispensers keep bags at an ambient temperature, preventing them from breaking down and sticking together. This design reduces waste and ensures the bags are always ready for use. Despite their sophisticated technology, Little Rippers remain cost-effective. The complete system, including the dispenser, smart sensor, and bags, is priced comparably to traditional dispensers, making them an affordable upgrade for councils. 

Innovative and Durable Dispensers 

Equipped with a battery-powered sensor, Little Ripper’s dispensers send real-time data back to council offices. This feature offers full visibility of bag levels at all locations, ensuring dispensers are always ready for use. The intuitive reporting program provides several advantages: 

  • Real-time reporting of bag levels 
  • User-friendly reporting interface 
  • Email alerts when bag levels are low 
  • Historical data and trends for better management 

Our dispensers are crafted to endure the harsh Australian climate. Made with UV-stabilised materials, they maintain an ambient temperature to prevent bags from breaking down. With 500 bags per roll capacity and versatile mounting options, these dispensers are built to last. 

  • Made in Australia 
  • Fully recyclable materials 
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion 

Little Rippers bags are strong, eco-friendly, and compostable. They are designed to withstand heat without sticking together. Made from 100% plant-based materials, these bags are FOGO certified and leave no microplastic waste when composted, making them beneficial for the environment. 

  • 500 bags per roll 
  • 100% plant-based materials 
  • FOGO certified 

Little Rippers in Action

Gold Coast communities enjoy new dog agility parks fitted out with Little Rippers.

Gold Coast City Council has expressed their satisfaction with their partnership with PFA to install 3 new Dog Agility parks. The ECOPLASSWOOD agility courses are accompanied by Little Ripper dispensers. The council noted the positive feedback from the community and the park’s success in promoting a safe environment for dogs to exercise and the community to gather backed by sustainable practices. The addition of Little Rippers dispensers ensures that the park remains clean and eco-friendly, providing a valuable resource for the community. Local residents have embraced the parks, and they have quickly become a community favourite. 

Regional WA council saves rangers time and improves service.

Regional WA council has implemented Little Rippers smart dog bag dispensers. The council has locations in excess of 1 hour from the depot. Previously the refills were done on a weekly basis to all locations, consuming approximately a full day or ranger’s time. Since implementing Little Rippers smart dispensers, the team only visits the sites that require refilling, and using the systems Traffic light colour system on the live map can deploy a ranger to only locations that are empty or near empty. Given the distance from the depot, areas with low dispenser levels are changed pre-emptively and low rolls used in locations closer to the depot where its easy to visit. 

The residents have provided excellent feedback on the quality of the bags, which far exceeds the previous bags. This, along with the compostable optimised dispenser, has led to overall service level increases for less effort. 

Perth Metro Council upgrades to Little Rippers to save time and reduce complaints.

Perth Metro Council has recently completed a full upgrade of all its dispensers to Little Rippers after starting a small-scale trial. The council found that they were receiving repeat complaints from their previous supplier about bags that were sticking or hard to open. This, coupled with using metal dispensers, creates an internal environment that is not optimal for compostable bags, causing them to break down prematurely. 

Since rolling out Little Rippers, complaints have ceased. The team now reviews the live map each morning and has changed the way they attend to the dispensers. Rather than a weekly scheduled visit, which is a waste of resources for the parks team as the vast majority don’t require a refill, they now send teams who are in the areas to refill the dispensers that are required. The result is time saved and improved service.