Maintenance Services

Repairs & Restorations

Is your outdoor furniture showing signs of wear? Before you make a costly decision, consider the sustainable and budget-friendly alternative—restoration. Park Furniture Australia is your trusted restoration partner, dedicated to bringing your existing outdoor furniture back to life. 

With years of proficiency and experience, we specialise in aluminium and plastic outdoor furniture restoration and repairs. Our skilled team employ cutting-edge techniques to refresh your outdoor furniture pieces. From sandblasting to powder coating, we employ advanced techniques to ensure your furniture appears brand new.

Our Comprehensive Restoration Services include:
  • Powder Coating
  • Sandblasting
  • Painting
  • Welding and Frame Repairs
  • Replacement Panels/Slats
  • Repairing Structural Damage
  • Spare Parts

If you are looking for a sustainable, cost effective, long lasting, great looking outdoor furniture restoration solution – talk to us.

Elevate Your Outdoor Experience

With a history of successful projects and satisfied customers, Park Furniture Australia brings unmatched proficiency and experience to every restoration and repair task. Our commitment to quality and sustainability sets us apart.

We are strong believers in the circular economy and carry sustainability at the heart of all our business practices. Our restoration and repair services are another way for us to prevent items from going to landfill. Whether you are looking to revive aluminium or plastic furniture, our expertise spans both to cater to your unique needs.

Trust Park Furniture Australia for all your outdoor furniture restoration and repair needs. We bring expertise, experience, and a commitment to sustainability to every project to ensure high-quality, sustainable outcomes helping your outdoor furniture to last for years to come.

Our Guarantee


Customer Support has a 48 hour response time. We can help with maintenance advice, repair and restoration services and answer any questions you may have about our products.

Our friendly Customer support team can be contacted via email, or phone 1800 968 124.

If you require spare parts for your product, we are more than happy to provide.


Did you know that 12,500 plastic packages are kept out of landfill and turned into 50kgs of Park Furniture Australia outdoor furniture products? It is our mission to:

✓ Provide recycled eco-sustainable products that have been re-used and diverted from landfill.
✓ Minimise waste production and maximise the amount reused and recycled.
✓ Considering environmental aspects in the procurement of products and services and evaluate suppliers.
✓ Minimise the consumption of energy in construction and services.
✓ Actively promote eco-sustainable awareness among staff, clients, customers, and general public.

Park Furniture Australia are proud to actively work towards meeting these sustainable development goals as laid out by the United Nations.