Benefits Of Installing Outdoor Furniture In Schools


Schools all around Australia are striving to enrich and enhance the educational experience for pupils and expand their facilities without incurring excessive costs or long-term maintenance obligations. Individuals charged with this task are inclined to think of improving desks, computers, whiteboards and other indoor facilities. One of the most commonly overlooked features of many schools is the outdoor furniture that they have installed to create comfortable outdoor learning environments for students to engage in nature. In Australia, our educational facilities have a strong focus on a wholistic experience in which children participate in learning both indoors and outdoors.

Creating comfortable outdoor learning environments has become increasingly important over the years as we prioritise students school lives – providing places to learn, play, socialise and relax on school grounds. Bringing the classroom outdoors and providing ample outdoor seating arrangements has a range of benefits for students, supporting their learning, social skills and overall health.

The benefits of installing outdoor furniture in schools and other educational institutions include:

Immersing Students in Nature

Every student is unique, and whilst some decide to play physically during their outside time, some choose calmer pursuits such as reading a book, finishing their schoolwork, or simply sitting quietly and conversing with other students. At break times, these pursuits are just as popular as physical play, climbing, and jogging. Being outside provides students with the opportunity to stimulate their curiosity, socialise with friends in a relaxed environment and enjoy their breaks in the sun. Educational institutions need to provide equipment for those who prefer active pursuits, as well as park benches, seats and outdoor tables for those who opt to sit and relax outside during their breaks from the classroom.

Brings learning outdoors

While most lessons take place in a classroom, outdoor areas can also serve as a beneficial learning environment. The outdoors can provide a relaxed and comfortable learning environment as everyone has an innate urge to be in and connect to nature. By providing students with the option to spend some of their classes outdoors in a space furnished with outdoor furniture, students can satisfy this need. There are many advantages to outdoor classes, and with an appropriately equipped outdoor space, teachers and students alike can benefit from working in nature.

Creates a comfortable environment

Although it might seem obvious, your school’s outdoor furniture offers a comfortable location for both teachers and students to unwind when required. Even though the majority of a typical school day is spent indoors in a classroom learning, students still need to go outside to go from class to class, enjoy recess and lunch, participate in physical education, or depart the campus at the end of the day. Commercial street and park furniture is a crucial investment to accommodate everyone who wants to relax, study, eat, drink, or move comfortably during these scenarios.

Encourages socialisation

A key component of school life is the development of social skills; academics are obviously essential, but many students will spend most of their break time socialising outside. The social skills of students are benefited from street furniture in this situation. Seating, such as benches, seats and outdoor settings and outdoor tables, are essential in every educational facility as they help promote social interaction and provides areas where students can unwind and form connections. From straightforward classic wooden benches to a more contemporary timber and aluminium minimalism bench, Park Furniture Australia offers seating and benches in a variety of designs and materials.

Provides safe and secure seating

Because our benches and seats are available in bolt-down and in-ground mounting options, students are more secure because they can’t move them around, which lowers the risk of accidents and injuries on school property. benches, seats and outdoor tables free from sharp edges are perfect for schools as students are less likely to scratch or harm themselves on the sharp edges. In-ground benches and seats that are secured with bolts also deter theft, particularly after school and on weekends when it is known that the grounds aren’t usually manned.

Flexibility of choice and customisation

Our street furniture range offers a wide selection of outdoor furniture solutions suited to educational facilities. Whether you’re looking for non-permanent seating solutions for collaborative learning, school assemblies and more, stackable seating may be useful to you. If you’re seeking to create an outdoor eating area, then our range of outdoor settings will be perfect to provide comfort and functionality. Whatever you may be looking for, our range has something for every outdoor seating need, and we are able to fully customise our seating options to suit your colour, size and accessibility requirements.

Park Furniture Australia’s extensive range of street and outdoor furniture is a perfect fit for schools and educational institutions across Australia that are looking to create functional and aesthetic outdoor seating areas that will last. Our products are designed and manufactured with quality, durability and style in mind. Our materials ensure our products are low maintenance, warp and stain resistant, graffiti proof and can withstand the harsh Australian climate.

We produce items on demand to assist you in getting your campus ready for the new academic year and for many years to come. We encourage you to peruse the various choices and the comprehensive selection of our customisable colour and finish options that can elevate the effectiveness and student quality of life on your campus.

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