Street & Park Furniture for the Hospitality Industry


The hospitality industry thrives on providing exceptional experiences, and the right outdoor furniture can significantly enhance these experiences. As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, the need for durable, attractive, and sustainable outdoor furniture becomes increasingly important. At Park Furniture Australia (PFA), we specialise in delivering top-quality aluminium and ECOPLASWOOD street furniture designed to elevate the ambience of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and other hospitality venues across Australia.

Outdoor spaces play a crucial role in hospitality, offering guests a pleasant environment to relax and enjoy their meals or leisure time. Whether it’s a quaint cafe patio, a stylish hotel terrace, or a bustling restaurant courtyard, the quality and design of outdoor furniture can make a lasting impression. Quality furniture can transform patios, gardens, and poolside areas into stylish and comfortable retreats, encouraging guests/patrons to linger longer and enhancing their overall satisfaction.

Comparing ECOPLASWOOD and Aluminium Outdoor Furniture

ECOPLASWOOD Outdoor Furniture
  • Sustainability: ECOPLASWOOD is made from recycled plastics, making it an environmentally friendly option. Choosing ECOPLASWOOD supports sustainability efforts by reducing plastic waste and conserving natural resources. This material aligns with the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly products and demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Durability: One of the standout features of ECOPLASWOOD is its durability. It is resistant to weathering, insects, and decay, ensuring a long lifespan even in harsh outdoor conditions. This makes it ideal for coastal areas or regions with extreme weather.
  • Low Maintenance: ECOPLASWOOD requires minimal maintenance. Unlike wood, it does not need to be painted or sealed and is easy to clean with just soap and water. This low maintenance requirement can save hospitality businesses time and money in the long run.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: ECOPLASWOOD is available in a variety of colours and finishes, allowing for customisation to match the aesthetic of any establishment. Its modern appearance can enhance the look of outdoor spaces, making them more inviting and visually appealing.
Aluminium Outdoor Furniture
  • Strength and Lightness: Aluminium is known for its strength and lightweight properties. This combination makes aluminium furniture sturdy yet easy to move, which is particularly beneficial for hospitality settings where furniture may need to be rearranged frequently.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Aluminium naturally forms a protective oxide layer that prevents corrosion. This makes it an excellent choice for outdoor furniture, particularly in environments exposed to moisture or salt air, such as beachfront cafes and poolside lounges.
  • Versatility: Aluminium furniture can be crafted into a wide range of designs, from sleek and modern to classic and elegant. It can also be powder-coated in various colours, offering further customisation to suit the style of any hospitality establishment.
  • Low Maintenance: Similar to ECOPLASWOOD, aluminium furniture is low maintenance. It does not rust or need painting and can be easily cleaned with mild detergent and water. This durability and ease of care make it a practical choice for busy hospitality environments.

Applications in the Hospitality Industry

At Park Furniture Australia, our outdoor furniture range for the hospitality and tourism sector includes a variety of options, such as elegant picnic settings, outdoor settings, comfortable lounge chairs, sturdy picnic tables, and sleek bench seating. All of our products are meticulously crafted to meet each establishment’s unique requirements. With options for customisation in size, colour, and design, our furniture seamlessly integrates into any outdoor space, from poolside lounges and garden patios to rooftop terraces and beachfront settings.


Hotels can greatly benefit from the versatility and durability of ECOPLASWOOD and aluminium furniture. Poolside areas can be transformed with comfortable lounge chairs and sleek benches, providing guests with a relaxing environment to unwind. Garden patios and rooftop terraces can be equipped with elegant picnic settings and outdoor tables, enhancing the guest experience and encouraging outdoor dining and socialising.


For restaurants, outdoor seating is essential for creating an inviting atmosphere. ECOPLASWOOD picnic tables offer a rustic yet refined look that is perfect for casual dining settings, while aluminium tables and chairs provide a modern and sophisticated touch for upscale establishments. Both materials are durable and easy to clean, ensuring the furniture remains in excellent condition despite heavy use.


Cafes often require flexible seating solutions that can be easily rearranged. Aluminium furniture’s lightweight nature makes it ideal for these settings, allowing for quick and easy adjustments to accommodate different group sizes and seating arrangements. ECOPLASWOOD options are also excellent for creating a cozy, eco-friendly vibe that resonates with environmentally-conscious customers.

Enhancing Guest Experience with PFA’s Outdoor Furniture

At Park Furniture Australia, we understand the unique needs of the hospitality industry. Our range of aluminium and ECOPLASWOOD outdoor furniture is designed to meet the highest durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal standards. By choosing our furniture, hospitality venues can enhance the ambience and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces and increase your seating capacity while providing comfortable seating, all while promoting sustainable practices and stimulating the circular economy.  At Park Furniture Australia, we are committed to delivering high-quality, customisable outdoor furniture solutions that meet the unique needs of the hospitality sector. Explore our range today and discover how we can help elevate your outdoor spaces with our durable and stylish seating options.

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