Why we choose sustainable park furniture


Sustainability is the buzz word of the decade but what does it really mean? What does it mean to commercial companies and how can businesses start to choose differently to help work towards a more sustainable goal and vision?

To sustain is to endure, to be able to maintain something at a certain rate or level for a prolonged period of time.

Sustainability is about maintaining an ecological balance and ensuring that future generations can maintain this balance as our planet evolves.

Over the centuries, since humans came to the forefront of being the dominant species, we have seen decimation of our planet at unprecedented levels. We do however appear to be smart creatures, we can work out how to solve so many problems by using the raw materials and skills available to us. But our ingenuity comes at a cost. We’ve been so busy patting ourselves on the backs about all of our new fandangle methods, practices, inventions and profitable outcomes that we didn’t realise that we were making bigger problems for ourselves down the track, hence the vey definition of “unsustainable”. 

This leaves us in a position where we need to bring “balance” into the forefront to work out what the level or rate of our production and consumption cycles we can sustainably maintain. The crux of the problem is that:-

Our raw material choices need to change, our processes need to change and our viewpoint on how we do business needs to change.

From a manufacturing perspective you can:-

  • Choose to manufacture products from truly sustainable sources
  • Re-engineer your products to minimise waste and be very efficient with your team’s skills
  • Update your equipment to move away from the old diesel and electricity chewing dinosaurs you may have used in the past.
  • Choose components that come from a location that is closer to you – to avoid so many air/truck miles it has to travel to get to your premises.
  • Train your team to improve quality to avoid returns, this increases rework
  • Recycle waste or donate/sell to platforms like Aspire
  • Minimise the printing you do in house
  • Switch to digital marketing practices wherever possible

At Park Furniture Australia we built our business on the back of the fact that we truly believe that choosing recycled and reconstituted plastic bags as the raw material for our outdoor furniture products is the very best option we have in this market.

Our oceans and landfills are jam packed with plastic bags. Our Ecoplaswood product is made directly from these old discarded single use plastic bags. This plastic is made up of a molecular structure that is essentially strong if combined. The outcome for us is that the inherent strength in the plastic slats we manufacture is incredible. So we take what is essentially the worst rubbish we can find and use that to make beautiful, robust, well designed and comfortable outdoor furniture for public spaces that stand the test of time. We think it’s a winning formula.

We walk our talk at Park Furniture and we are proud of what we have achieved. As a rapidly growing company we hope to bring sustainable park furniture to many more clients in the next few years.

How Park Furniture Australia is helping with sustainability

Here at Park Furniture Australia, we believe that no plastic should end up in a landfill in our natural environment. That’s why we are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of sustainable, eco-friendly outdoor furniture and street furniture for a wide range of urban environments. Our drive and passion are to make Australia more sustainable for future generations.

Please click here to view our extensive range of ECOPLASWOOD recycled park and street furniture or feel free to call the friendly Park Furniture team on 1300 968 124.