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Park Furniture Australia realises that one of the major factors in purchasing Park Equipment is “ How will it stand up to the weather and public use ? “.
With this in mind our company has developed our product range with the intention of creating the most maintenance free , eco sustainable park furniture in Australia.
We never use natural timber in any timber style product. We only use Recycled HDPE Plastic Wood in manufacturing. This is because we need to eliminate the problems caused by timber. Our Plaswood R doesn’t split, warp, crack, craze, or discolour. It is impervious to insects, salt water, wind, , snow and high temperatures plus it stands up to stains and is graffiti proof. It stands up to all Australian Conditions from the freezing cold of the Australian Alps to the daily heat of Darwin. Because it is manufactured from recycled plastics it also is eco sustainable therefore saving forests
All steel products are blasted to the white metal stage , hot dipped galvanised and then electrostatically coated with polyester powder . They are then cured under heat to ensure that the finish is very long lasting. It creates a far harder and tougher finish than traditional painting.
These features ensure that all our products will give you long , maintenance free , guaranteed use.

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