All Saints Anglican School

PROJECT: School campus outdoor seating fabrication and installationCLIENT: All Saints Anglican School, QLDSCOPE OF WORKS: Series of custom outdoor settings for school campus

Park Furniture Australia recently completed a custom outdoor furniture project for All Saints Anglican School in Queensland. The client for this project, the school’s Parents & Citizens (P&C) Association, were looking for an innovative supplier of high-quality, durable and sustainable outdoor furniture for the school grounds. They chose Park Furniture Australia to complete the fabrication, supply and installation of 12 custom picnic settings powder coated in the school’s signature blue colour.

Park Furniture Australia worked closely with the P&C Association throughout the project to ensure the final product met their specific needs and requirements. In a school environment, it’s essential our outdoor furniture products are highly durable and able to withstand the harsh Australian environment. Choosing durable and graffiti-proof products for a school environment can help to minimise maintenance costs, extend the life of the products, and create a safe and inviting outdoor space for students and staff to enjoy. We are able to achieve these effects by manufacturing our outdoor furniture range sustainably using ECOPLASWOOD, a material made from recycled plastics in our own custom formula, which helps our products maintain their robust, maintenance-free, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing qualities throughout the life of the product.

The Park Furniture Australia team custom fabricated and installed 12 of our Dryander outdoor settings across the school’s campus. The fabrication and installation process was completed on time and on budget, and the result was a set of picnic settings that perfectly match the school’s atmosphere. The client was extremely happy with the final product, which was a customised, eco-friendly, high-quality outdoor seating solution that will withstand the trials of a school environment.

Park Furniture Australia is proud to have been a part of this project and looks forward to working on similar projects in the future. The custom outdoor furniture created for All Saints Anglican School is a testament to the quality and expertise of the Park Furniture Australia team. It also demonstrates our commitment to assisting educational institutions across Australia in making the outdoors more comfortable for students, teachers and school community members as a leading outdoor furniture supplier for Education Australia.

Hilliard State School

PROJECT: Campus seating replacementCLIENT: Hilliard State SchoolSCOPE OF WORKS: New outdoor furniture for school area

Hilliard State School is a Coeducation primary school which is nestled in the vibrant and large suburb of Alexandra Hills on South Brisbane’s Bayside.

The time had come for some new outdoor furniture at Hilliard State School which sparked the P & C into action to raise some funds to procure some new benches and sunbeds for the students to utilise.

A short google search led them to Park Furniture Australia where they were pleased to see the range of recycled plastic furniture on offer. Some time ago the school implemented their School Environment Management Plan which aims to reduce the footprint made by the school. By choosing recycled plastic furniture they see this as a win in two parts:

The raw product is sustainably sourced, in fact it is remade plastic bags, something that the primary aged kids at school can relate to.

The ongoing maintenance of these benches and sunbeds is minimal which means that we do not have to use chemicals or manpower to maintain the product in the playground.

A school representative spoke with Park Furniture Australia. “Our kids really enjoy these seats and we see them playing in and around the area where all nine seats are situated. They really get a lot of use out of them every day.”

The process behind selecting the product, working out the customisations and then placing the order all the way through to installation was really smooth. We did hit a road bump with the powder coating lead time but Park Furniture Australia kept us in the loop for the entire duration and they could not have been more helpful.

Cerdon College

PROJECT: Campus seating replacementCLIENT: Cerdon CollegeSCOPE OF WORKS: Custom manufacture 16 standard outdoor settings, 4 quad outdoor settings, & 2 1800 park seats all in a custom colour – Woodland Grey

Safety is a priority at Cerdon College, so when the old picnic settings and bench seats started to show signs of wear and tear and rust, the time had come for an investment in some new robust and low maintenance and sustainable outdoor furniture.

After researching a number of options, Christina Posavec the college’s trusty financial controller located Park Furniture Australia. Initially, she had not heard of the company before but she liked the look of the product and decided to connect. Her initial hesitancy of choosing a new supplier for the college was soon quashed by the customer service that the team at Park Furniture displayed as well as the speed of their response. So great product, great customer service and speedy response times.

Christina stated “It took a little time to get the project underway from our end, but the Park Furniture Australia team were patient with me and answered all of my questions, especially about the colours.” The school has a specific set of colours that they wanted the furniture to match. Park Furniture Australia have 5 key slat colours to choose from and an ability to completely customise the powdercoat colour of the frames and feet. The Park Furniture Australia team were able to match their “Woodland Grey” colour scheme exactly. “They look so good and are much cleaner and nicer than what we had in place before” said Christina. “We really like the fact that they are low maintenance, so do our groundskeepers’”.

The 20 Outdoor Settings and 2 Bench Seats were delivered flat packed but with explicit instructions on assembly. The team at Park Furniture Australia are conscious that most clients will not have a forklift or way to unload trucks and so they arranged all of the right transport options and helped to deliver the packs to our grounds team with absolutely no issues. Then the grounds team easily assembled the settings. “I was really grateful for their extra efforts in making this part as smooth as possible, so were the grounds team.”

The College is really happy with the final results, the seats are very comfortable, really strong and we don’t need to do a lot to keep them looking brand spanking new. Park Furniture Australia overmet our expectations and we are extremely happy with the outcome.

We have already requested another quote for some more outdoor furniture around the college and we now see Park Furniture Australia as our “go-to” team for great quality affordable and durable furniture.

Cerdon College happily endorses the Park Furniture Australia brand and their customer service.