Aluminium outdoor furniture, Aluminium park furniture, Aluminium street furniture

Over 50’s Retirement Village

PROJECT: Aluminium outdoor seating fabrication & installation for Lifestyle VillageCLIENT: Active Lifestyle Village in SEQSCOPE OF WORKS: Supply and installation of custom Aluminium outdoor furniture

A leading over-50’s retirement village in South East Queensland approached Park Furniture Australia to manufacture, supply and install custom outdoor furniture to be used in their new outdoor recreational area. The client’s brief was a specific request for custom outdoor furniture based on drawings provided by an architect.

Aluminium outdoor furniture, Aluminium park furniture, Aluminium street furniture

The client for this project, one of Australia’s largest active lifestyle village developers, provided detailed drawings and specifications for the required outdoor furniture pieces from an architect’s designs. They were seeking quality workmanship and durable outdoor furniture. Park Furniture Australia was chosen to fulfil their custom request for Aluminium outdoor furniture. We were happy to help this community enhance their outdoor recreational space with visually appealing, durable Aluminium outdoor furniture pieces.

Park Furniture Australia manufactured and installed a range of Aluminium outdoor furniture pieces, including our Aluminium Lawrence park seats and custom-built U-shaped benches designed to meet the client’s vision and specifications. In a community of retirees, comfort, versatility, and safety were our key goals when manufacturing this range of Aluminium outdoor seating. We wanted to ensure the residents would be comfortable and safe so they can enjoy their relaxation and recreational activities in the gardens.

Aluminium plays a crucial role in outdoor furniture and is a choice material at Park Furniture Australia due to its durable and sustainable qualities. As a green metal, aluminium is highly recyclable, and all our aluminium benches, aluminium seats, and aluminium outdoor settings are manufactured from recycled aluminium. Recycling aluminium saves energy, time, money, and natural resources while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Aluminium is also extremely durable as it is corrosion resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use, ensuring longevity and low maintenance for outdoor furniture. These qualities made Aluminium the perfect material for this outdoor recreational area.

The project was very successful, with the client expressing their utmost gratitude and satisfaction to Park Furniture Australia. The onsite supervisor mentioned they had experienced issues with furniture purchased from a competitor in the past and was happy the PFA team could provide quality workmanship for their residents to enjoy. The residents of the village also expressed their appreciation of the quality and design of the new Aluminium outdoor seating options.

Greenacre Splash Park NSW

PROJECT: Park seating & table fabricationCLIENT: City of Canterbury Bankstown, NSWSCOPE OF WORKS: Custom outdoor benches, outdoor settings, bar tables, feature circular benches, park seats and stonewall-mounted park seats

Nestled in Roberts Park in Greenacre, NSW, the newly developed Greenacre Splash Park combines water play and recreational areas with high-end amenities. Greenacre Splash Park is a free, all-ages, all-abilities park which features a variety of water and spray activities as well as play inclusions such as swings, climbing equipment and slides. This new development seeks to benefit the health and well-being of local residents by providing opportunities for social connection and fun within the community.

“I’m so happy to open the Greenacre Splash Park, an action-packed fun day out for the family, with plenty of water features for everyone to enjoy, along with a playground with slides, swings and climbing equipment. I’m so proud of this state-of-the-art facility which will entertain kids for hours!”

‐ Mayor Asfour

With many picnic shelters for BBQs and seating options for parents and families included throughout the Splash Park Development, Park Furniture Australia was called on to custom manufacture a range of inclusive seating and table options to feature throughout the park. The City of Canterbury Bankstown reached out to our Brisbane team in 2021 as they were keen to keep the project on schedule despite the constraints of the NSW COVID-19 lockdowns at the time. Council’s project manager enquired if we had the capacity to take on this project, and of course, we leapt into action right away! We were happy to help the Greenacre community and set to work custom fabricating steel and hardwood timber seating solutions to be installed onsite.

Park Furniture Australia custom manufactured a wide range of items from benches, outdoor settings, bar tables, freestanding park seats and stonewall-mounted park seats to the featured circular bench at the centre of the park. We completed all fabrications and deliveries on schedule despite COVID restrictions.

The local Greenacre community are delighted with the park and can now enjoy their day at Greenacre Splash Park from the comfort of one of the many benches, seats and outdoor settings throughout the park.

Wonderful new park with so much to do. Massive splash area with water pumps.
Climbing equipment, trampolines, slides, swings, toilets and kiosk.

– Parks and Adventures of Sydney

Centenary Memorial Gardens

PROJECT: Centenary Memorial Gardens Outdoor Area upgradeCLIENT: Centenary Memorial GardensSCOPE OF WORKS: Upgrade the outdoor furniture in the grounds.

Centenary Memorial Gardens is known as one of Queensland’s most beautiful memorial spaces and they required some durable, comfortable and easy to maintain outdoor furniture. We supplied them with park seats and park benches.

“A few years ago, we found Park Furniture Australia online after a quick search for recycled plastic outdoor furniture.

We wanted a range of outdoor furniture that would require minimal maintenance and still look really good. The products are just fabulous, they are durable, strong and look stunning, plus it is environmentally friendly – which is a bonus.

This is not our first job with Park Furniture Australia, over the past few years the team have supplied us with multiple outdoor seating solutions. We keep going back to them because we really like their product, it looks fantastic but our main reason to keep coming back to them is mostly because their service is impeccable and they make us feel like we are heard and respected as people. We cannot fault either their product or their service.

Throughout the ordering and manufacturing process Scott and Craig kept in close contact with the Landscapers as they needed to finish their portion of the works prior to installation of the furniture, specifically the concrete. We were really impressed with this and it made the process so much easier.

Park Furniture Australia has just brought out a new colour range which we really liked and so we chose our latest bench products to be manufactured in the new colours which look absolutely superb. Scott and Craig were really helpful with the colour selections, helping us to match to existing.

Then when it came to the install they were there during and then afterwards to clean the products ready for use. We are just really happy with the end product and the ongoing relationship we are forging with them.

We are extremely happy with the final outcome and would be more than happy to recommend Park Furniture Australia as our outdoor furniture supplier of choice both now and into the future.”

” The Park Furniture products are just fabulous, they are durable, strong and look stunning, plus it is environmentally friendly. “