In the news: Park Furniture featured in ‘Council Leader’ magazine


This month we featured in Council Leader, a magazine that goes out to all Councils in Queensland. As a proud Local Buy supplier, we are currently working with councils and council-run parks and gardens to improve urban spaces through the supply of sustainable and durable park furniture.

Enjoy the great Outdoors, Sustainably

Recreational grounds in all council areas are the lifeblood of our communities. They are the place where people meet, live and laugh, a place for reflection and remembrance, a place for first dates, dog walks and morning runs.

Managing our parks and gardens is more important than ever as we move towards being a collective of people who work from home and rarely socialise outdoors.

The landscape design of these spaces is critical and the choice of infrastructure is paramount.

Low-maintenance, long-lasting products

Roadmaps tell us that councils should create spaces that are inclusive, accessible and easy to use which feature low-maintenance, long-lasting, easy-to-install products that are sustainably sourced, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and cost-effective.

It’s a big ask, but it is what they do at Park Furniture Australia. In fact, it is all they do.

At Park Furniture Australia they have made it their mission to design and manufacture stunning park furniture that is durable, graffiti-proof, insect-resistant, comfortable and 100% sustainable. This means all their products are manufactured from recycled sources.

100% sustainable outdoor furniture

At Park Furniture Australia they want to fundamentally change the way you think about outdoor furniture. No longer is it necessary to chop down trees to create beautiful long lasting outdoor furniture like park benches, outdoor settings and park seats instead Park Furniture Australia helps councils across Australia to drive the circular economy by being part of the process of taking soft plastic waste and aluminium offcuts out of landfill and remaking other durable products with it.

As an Australian manufacturer of high-quality sustainable outdoor furniture for urban environments, Park Furniture Australia’s drive and passion is to make Australia more sustainable for future generations.

To read more, check out the Spring 2022 edition of Council Leader Magazine or give our friendly team at Park Furniture Australia a call on 1300 968 124 to discuss your next outdoor park or street furniture project.

Article reproduced courtesy of Council Leader magazine

How Park Furniture Australia is helping with sustainability

Here at Park Furniture Australia, we believe that no plastic should end up in a landfill in our natural environment. That’s why we are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of sustainable, eco-friendly outdoor furniture and street furniture for a wide range of urban environments. Our drive and passion are to make Australia more sustainable for future generations.

Please click here to view our extensive range of ECOPLASWOOD recycled park and street furniture or feel free to call the friendly Park Furniture team on 1300 968 124.