Education Australia Partnership: Lead Outdoor Furniture Supplier


Park Furniture Australia is very proud to announce its new partnership with Education Australia as the lead outdoor furniture supplier for schools, universities and educational institutions across Australia. At Park Furniture Australia, we are passionate about providing safe and comfortable recreational areas and believe they are the lifeblood of a healthy social school environment.

The importance of providing areas for students to learn, play, socialise, and relax on school grounds has grown as campuses across Australia prioritise students’ experiences in academic life. This includes creating suitable outdoor learning settings for students to take a break from the classroom and technology. Bringing the classroom outside and having plenty of outdoor seating options and arrangements can assist students learning, social skills, and general health.

When it comes to outdoor furniture for the schoolyard or other locations adjacent to the school grounds, we aim to fundamentally alter what you would traditionally think of. Gone are the days when wooden picnic benches and locker-room benches were the primary sources of seating outdoors. While all our products accommodate all the traditional needs of outdoor furniture, we take the chance to be a little different and create customised outdoor learning spaces for students of all ages. We aim to add colour, aesthetic and functionality to these spaces with specially designed and manufactured outdoor seating solutions. Park Furniture Australia also prides itself on being a sustainable outdoor seating option; all our products are manufactured from ECOPLASSWOOD, a material produced from recycled materials, allowing us to stimulate the circular economy and reduce waste within our ecosystem.

When we look to the future, we see the potential for inclusive, accessible outdoor spaces which bring comfort and aesthetic value to everyone in school environments. At Park Furniture Australia, we have made it our mission to design and manufacture stunning outdoor furniture that is durable, graffiti-proof, insect resistant, comfortable and sustainable. We provide outdoor furniture solutions which require minimal maintenance and are built for longevity from sustainably sourced materials in a unique formula that helps them stand the test of time in our harsh Australian climate.

Park Furniture Australia is dedicated to making Australia more sustainable for future generations by producing and manufacturing high-quality, sustainable outdoor furniture for schools and campuses within the educational sector. We are partnering with Education Australia to help bring this mission into reality at educational facilities Australia-wide.

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